I love my iPhone and iPad, but man, I truly hate the shoddy workmanship of the included charging cords. At the prices they charge, you’d think Apple could afford the Ferrarri’s of charging cords. If they ever do, I know exactly what they’ll be like: Birgus USB cable. These are hyper well-made, truly the highest quality I’ve ever seen in any electrical cable, anywhere, and for any purpose.

I love the plug ends with their varying levels of bend resistance to ensure a long, multi-year life. The cables are covered in a woven fabric that is functional and stylish. Really, the best I’ve ever seen. We can only hope someday Apple starts packing these instead of the ever-breaking cords they offer now. HEAD’S UP, APPLE! THESE ARE THE BEST! MAKE THEM LIKE THIS! And until then, we have these. Great product, visionary design, excellent quality.