Well, we did it! We built our new home — much of it with our own two hands! We love our home, love living here, and are so proud of all we accomplished. And after building it ourselves, you can bet we take very good care of it. Soon, we’ll be celebrating our first-year anniversary.

So I was shocked to realize that, despite all that, during the whole time we lived here, I’d never changed the air filter on the air conditioner/heater! I admit that, in homes we lived previously, I would occasionally go check the size of the filter, run to the store, and hope they’d have the right size. When they didn’t have it (most of the time), I’d try to remember to get a filter next time, only to realize when I go there that I’d forgotten what the filter’s size was. Doh!

It’s especially frustrating because, with a dirty filter, I worry that I’m blowing dust, hair, germs, and who-knows-what, all around the house, while keeping the HVAC from doing its job by blocking much of the heated/cooled air with a clogged up filter = $$$.

So that’s why I’m so stoked about the FilterSnap service. When I realized this service was available, I went down to verify the air filter’s size — for once and for all — and sent in our order. A short while later, a new filter arrived, made with much higher quality materials than what’s available from the neighborhood big box store. Yea!

When I took the old filter out of our HVAC system, I was so bummed. It was packed solid with all kinds of dust, dirt, animal hair, and worse. The dust, hair, etc., was in a dense layer, about 1/4 inch thick, across the entire filter. So gross. Ugh.

Now, our heater is working much better, and I hope it will help us be healthier this winter. Certainly, we’re breathing better, and the house seems warmer even with the heater running less often and for shorter times.

In a few weeks, when the new air filter arrives, I’ll take a couple minutes to swap the filters — no trips to the store necessary. Now, the air in our house is fresh and clean, just like our new home itself! We’re really happy (and relieved) with these filters.