Vibrant India is the real deal. I spent a few years living and teaching in Fiji, where about half of the people are from South India. They would often invite me to their homes, to dine on incredibly delicious and flavorful vegetarian dishes with them. They are among my fondest memories.

While there, I tried to pick up some cooking tips along the way, and have been using what I learned to feed my own family in the years since. During that time, I have read and enjoyed many Indian cookbooks, but none had quite the same flavor profiles, or included the same tips, that I remember being taught by the wonderful Indian people of the South Pacific. That’s why I am so thrilled with Vibrant India!

It includes all of the same crucial cooking tips I was taught, and the recipes are as wonderful as I remember. All are vegetarian, healthy, and delicious. The book itself is well-written, beautifully designed, and with lovely photography throughout.